Tionio Wines are made in the Village of Pesquera, the center of the internationally renowned Ribera del Duero region. An innovative planting density gives low yields with greater concentration and structure to the wines.


The Ribera del Duero region has a continental climate, with an average rainfall of only 450mm per year. It has an average temperature of 11.5°C, but has considerable changes in seasonal temperature. The region is part of the great northern plateau of the Iberian Peninsula, where the soils are made up of sediments from the tertiary period. Our Estate, “Finca Asperilla” is in the Peñafiel district at some 850m above sea level which is made up of 18 hectares of Tinta Fina and 2 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon. The vineyard was planted in 1994 on a range of soils, predominantly limestone and gravel.