Casa Primicia is a magical place, a temple for wine! Our historic cellars have been painstakingly preserved and restored as an homage to the family and the original founder, Julian Madrid, a grape grower from LaGuardia whose dream of opening Casa Primicia as a family winery was realized and passed down to his sons. Today, the wines are produced in a state of the art winery which focuses on its connection to and roots in the picturesque and ideally located village of LaGuardia. Which, with its ancient walls, underground tunnels and rich history, is a destination unto itself in the heart of Spain’s most famous wine country. Julian and his sons took over a winery originated by the Catholic Church in the 15th century. In those days, the church received as a gift, the first of each year’s harvest from farmers in the area. This first or “primero” part of the harvest gives the winery its name, “Primicia” as the actual facility of the winery’s founding is the house where these first harvests were received, i.e. the Casa “Primicia.”


Our vineyards average over 35 years in age with our largest and most prized vineyard – Carravalseca – sitting on a southwest facing slope just outside the LaGuardia Village walls and has plantings dating back 55 years.   Our location at 1500 meters above sea level gives us great advantages for the purity of the vineyard: we farm all of the vines organically and sustainably – something that would not be possible on the valley floor because your neighbor’s pesticides are impossible to keep out of your vineyards. The isolation and altitude of Carravalseca vineyard means with wind and distance, our vines are free from outside influences. All told, we own and control nearly 400 acres, all in the premier Rioja Alavesa sub region of La Rioja – an area known for elegant wines with great structure. We focus on Tempranillo but also grow other varieties in small quantities and devote a number of acres to experimental vines, rootstocks, techniques etc.

The Bodegas Casa Primicia Portfolio ..

Primicia Crianza

Primicia Reserva

Primicia Rosada