Portal del Montsant was founded in 2003 by Ramon Raventos Basagoiti, in the D.O. Montsant which itself dates to 2001. Both the winery and D.O. take their name from the mountain that dominates the region’s landscape. However wine growing in the area dates to the 2nd Century BC during the Roman occupation. The main winery structure was built at the beginning of the 20th century. Portal del Montsant is dedicated to working with the traditional local varietals: Grenache and Cariñena, particularly the late, predominant in the southwest zone of the Denomination of Origin. Utilizing small batch fermentation, precise vineyard management and the most modern technology, Portal del Montsant has in a very short time established a worldwide reputation for distinctive, high quality wines.


Our “Crus,” or vineyards, are located on small plots of land of extraordinary quality. Soil types combine clay, chalk and sand which, combined with a variety of orientations and altitudes, form a diverse and personality-rich selection of unique terroirs. Old Cariñena vines are the predominant plantings here. With an average age over 65 years, the yields of these vines are low and highly concentrated. They are planted in high density using individual gobelet vine formation in narrow rows necessitating hand harvesting.

The climate of the area (Masroig, Molar, Capçanes, Marçà) is Mediterranean, with slight Continental characteristics in those vineyards located in the north and at the highest elevations of the D.O. (700 to 800 meters) in Cornudella. The combination of these characteristics results in wines with great expression of the local terroir, including numerous subtle notes which contribute to the complexity of our wines.



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