Heretat Sabartés is an 18th Century Vineyard Mansion located in Priorat de Banyeres in the heart of the Penedés Region. It is surrounded by 75 Acres of vines that produce the most exquisite and renowned Sabartés wines and cavas. The jewel of the estate belonged to the Marchioness of Griny and is now owned by the Sumarroca Family.


The Vineyards are heavily influenced by the Aguila forest and the ravine created by a stream of air cooled by the forest. The east-facing vineyards result in early sunsets. This, combined with the forest effect, means the vines begin cooling sooner each day, thus there is a larger daytime/nighttime temperature differential, giving additional complexity to the grapes as they ripen slowly. The soil is limestone with a large percentage of gravel providing excellent natural drainage, as well as thousands of years of fossils in the soil which contributes to the wines’ big personality.