Carchelo Eya

Varietals: 100% Monastrell
Origin: Sierra del Carche, Jumilla, Spain

Color: Attractive ruby red with purple hues Bouquet: Intense and complex, full of fruity notes, with aromas both of black and red berries added to the spicy notes with hints of cedar and toasting acquired from 6 months aging in barrels. Taste: Surprising, due to its softness and balance, as well as the presence of subtleties of flavor in the mouth. Harmonious, fresh, with a long-lasting delicate persistence. Pairing: Recommended to combine with fresh food dishes and mild flavors.


Bodegas Carchelo, SL, founded in 1990, sits in Jumilla (Murcia), at the foot of the Sierra del Carche, a protected Regional Park whose highest peak "Madama" rises to 1,372 meters (4,500 ft.). The Mediterranean influence, combined with our interior location and on the plateau, provides us with a unique climate. In the Spanish Mediterranean, between the provinces of Alicante, Albacete (La Mancha), Granada and Almería (Andalusia) is the Region of Murcia. In the northeast of Murcia lies Jumilla, an historic, ancient city; an extensive municipal area (1,000 km2) making up the plateau of the Murcia Region with an average altitude of 600 m. Arid and mountainous land, with unforested grassland and abundant rosemary, where the vineyards historically found a singular habitat to produce grapes of exceptional quality. Our commitment to professional ethics and respect for people and our environment are constants in all areas of ​​our activity


Our vineyards are located in plots spread over different areas of the substantial municipal area. As a result, we have reduced the risk of losing the whole of our harvest due to hailstones and it also gives us variety in the type of soil, ,altitude and orientation on hillsides and valleys. The different locations lead to different absorption of solar radiation, temperature and exposure to the wind. This gives us different stages of ripeness and offers us a staggered grape harvest, producing grapes with many different subtleties. We respect and protect the environment. With the help of a biological system of draining residual water, we then use waste water for the irrigation of green areas. The solid waste is removed by authorized waste managers.


Our facilities boast all the necessary means and modern technology for making, nurturing, bottling and preserving our wines in the best conditions possible. We only produce red wines. We ferment in stainless steel automated tanks, with automated control and regulation of temperature and capacities of 12,000, 25,000 and 50,000 litres. The combined capacity totals of 550,000 litres with output depending on the sizes of the plots harvested. Our barrel aging room has a capacity for 1,000 barrels of 225 litres. We use only top quality French oak with different degrees of toasting; we replace 20% of the barrels every year and maximum usage of a barrel is five years. The climate inside is automated to maintain a constant temperature and level of humidity throughout the entire year.

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