Tapas Wine Collection Verdejo

Varietals: 100% Verdejo
Origin: D.O. Jumilla, Spain

Aging: Young wine
Alcohol Content: 12.5%

Tune yourself into the latest broadcast of a 100% Spanish wine. This delicious Verdejo is a mouthful of big fruit. Juicy green apple, sweet juicy peach, and an exciting hint of citrus peel will have you talking non-stop. This TAPAS WINE speaks for itself.. So go on and give it a try!


The character of this white is a combination of continental weather - long, hot summers, cold winters - with certain Atlantic maritime influences, with clay and gravelly soils. Temperatures vary widely, and can drop below zero in winter, and can reach 50 degrees Celsius in summer. There is risk of frost, freezing fog, high winds, and hailstones in winter and spring.


Different stages of ripeness with a staggered grape harvest, producing Verdejo grapes with many different subtleties.

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